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Theme X builds custom 3d theme models and props for use in a variety of locations, whether its for theme parks and attractions, film, stage, trade shows and events, retail stores, museums, holiday parks or even at the home. Our team can design and build your next special display using our wide range of manufacturing technologies from traditional foam sculpting, 3d CNC routing and laser engraving, to cutting edge 3d printing.

We have a team of Designers, 3D Artists and Model Makers ready to make your next display.

Postman Pat Helicopter and 3D Figure Prop

About Models & Props

From small scale models and dioramas to fantastical giant dinosaurs and stage sets, Theme models and props have many uses in a wide range of sectors, They can be used to help enhance and sell a performance on set and make a scene feel more authentic, or can be used to help engage with consumers at trade show booths to sell your product or service. Props are used at theme parks and attractions for an immersive experience and can even be artistic sculptures and statues or even simple selfie backgrounds. The limits are endless.

Done right, adding a themed 3d model to your chosen sector should help with customer satisfaction or help to sell your product or service.

Gargoyle 3D Theme Park Prop
Large Rusty Legoman Figure Prop

Materials & Technology

Depending on the size, scale and detail of the model, we are able to choose from a range of materials and processing options to select the right tool and material for the job. Whether fine details are the customer focus or sheer size is key, we will use the best cost effective method for each specific project. Small detailed models can be made using our specialist 3d resin printers to large full scale items made using hard coated foam or a combination of FDM printed plastics.

With a range of different processing options from 3D CNC Routing, Laser Engraving and Cutting to 3D Printing and Sculpting we are able to create detailed complex shapes for any given model.


The cost of each model / prop is based on a few factors including:
The size of the item, materials used, design time, production labour, location and other variables unique to each specific project.
To determine an accurate cost and give you an estimate please tell us a few things about the display including:
A brief description and size, whether its for indoor or outdoor use, if it has any special effects such as lighting, sound or smoke effects and we will get back to you to discuss further.

T Rex Skeleton 3D Model

Frequently Asked Questions

The size really has no limits with what we can achieve as we can slice up a large model into smaller sections to be assembled into the full size final piece or we can 3D print very small models and details on our specialist resin printers.

Most 3D files should be fine such as: stl, obj, fbx, etc. As we work with a few different design programs and are able to manipulate most files that are sent to us. Even if you only have a small sketch, we can start with that to produce a full scale model of your design and progress from there.

We work with a large range of materials such as foam, wood sheets, aluminium, plastics and even resin, then select the best and most cost effective ones for each specific project. Taking into account the location of the display, internal / external use and if there are any special effects such as smoke or lighting.

Generally we would say it is between 4 - 6 weeks from start to finish, depending on the complexity of the model and whether we need to make the 3d design from scratch or if the supplied design needs to be tweaked. Although we do understand about rush orders and sometimes there is an urgency so can also accommodate for those too.

Yes, As the design and programming parts have already been done for the first model, the extra models will be cheaper.

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Common Use of Models & Props

There are many uses for theme models and props in the retail, entertainment and leisure industries, below are a few examples.


Replicas such as Bones, Skulls, Stone Tables and Artefacts can be made for the public to touch and handle leaving the original safe behind a screen to last for years to come. Display Backgrounds and Small Dioramas can also add a sense of realism to a specific piece setting the scene.

Theme Parks and Attractions

Themed elements such as cartoon characters, space rockets and background scenery are some elements that help to sell a vision of a particular area or 'land'. These could be static props purely for visual aspects or full animatronic figures welcoming you in to a specific area or ride.

Trade Shows and Events

If you want to stand out from the crowd then a larger version of one of your own products could be made to grab attention to help sell what you do, this could also be used as a simple photo op which then helps customers remember you more easily. 

Sculptures and Statues

Modern sculpture art can be made and reproduced easily with 3d printing technology and helps artists think outside the box, and replica statues are also another example which could be produced to any scale depending on the clients requirements.