Model Rocket Prop

Heres a breakdown of a Model Rocket Prop we made.
First we created a 3d Model in our design package and then sliced it up ready to be placed on the cnc router machine.
We then did a roughing pass in foam and finally a finishing pass and make the final shape of the Rocket.
Once all glued up and sanded to a perfect finish we then hardcoated the body and again sanded to a nice smooth finish.
Finally a few coats of paint and the Rocket was ready for lift off!!!

CNC Rocket Breakdown 05
Custom Textured Signage

Custom Textured Sign

This Sign was made with a combination of laser cut acrylic letters and a 3d textured plywood backboard.
You can see the layers of the plys through the varied depth of the texture, finished with a high gloss varnish.
We created the texture in our CAD/CAM package and then used our CNC Router to cut out the final texture and applied the laser cut letters.

Queue Jumping Signage

We made a number of Raised Engraved Acylic Signs for the new Derren Brown Ride at Thorpe Park. Running a few engraving passes we took away the negative space from around the letters to produce a raised lettering effect similar to a cold cast sign.  These were then positioned in situ around the queue line.

A Selection of some recent 3D Projects

Here is a selection of some recent 3D foam Props we made on our CNC Router machine. First we Modeled them in a 3D CAD Package then imported them into ArtCAM to produce the final piece. Some are left as foam to be Carbon Fibre wrapped and others go on to be hardcoated and painted.

Other Projects

We also make all sorts of craft shapes and signs for the craft market over at Perfectly Crafty