Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting Services

Theme X offers Custom Laser Engraving and Cutting Services for a wide range of Industries where attention to detail is key.
Specializing in Cutting, Scoring, Raster and Vector Engraving, 3D Engraving and more from a wide range of materials.
We're here for all your creative engineering requirements.


The Laser Process and what we do :

Laser cutting
is a method of cutting through various materials very precisely to produce a design or pattern from a CAD drawing or design. It is different from Router cutting as you can get much higher detail and produce very intricate designs where the router cannot. 
The laser fires a highly concentrated beam which cuts by vaporising the material in question leaving a very thin cut line and sharp internal angles.

Laser Engraving is a way of removing material from the surface of the substrate to leave a marked area, there are different ways of engraving depending on the desired look or for cost purposes and again highly detailed designs are possible due to the very thin beam width.


l;aser cutting services

Industry Leading Machines

We have 8 Co2 Laser Machines with working areas up to 1300 x 900, each being able to cut and engrave.

Expert Knowledge

Years of experience designing, cutting and fabricating many different projects from 2d to 3d so your in good hands.

Fast Service Turnaround

Fast 2-3 days turnaround once the design has been checked and approved for the lasers.

With our multiple In-house Laser Engraving and Cutting machines we are able to produce high quality, highly detailed products from a large variety of materials in a very fast timescale. Whatever your needs our machines can Cut, Mark, Score, Raster Engrave, Vector Engrave, 3D Engrave, Photo Engrave and more.
We also offer full CAD Design Services for product design development to help bring your vision to life. From a one off project to a full production run we can accommodate it all. Utilizing every millimeter of the material with our nesting program to maximise the product and minimize the waste.

A few examples of different types of laser engraving / laser cutting from a wide variety of materials :

  • Oak Picture Frame 01
  • 3d-Pyramid
  • Cross01_1024-Web
  • FBSIGN.18
  • Donuts Gold Mirror
  • TR-White-Laser-Engraving-01
  • Dragons and Dinosaurs Sign
  • SW8-Block-01
  • Memorial-Laminate-Plaque
  • Laser-Engraved-Textured-Signs
  • Easter Polystyrene Hanging Flowers
  • Derren-Brown-Blog-600x400-01
  • Control-Panel-Engraving-02
  • London Bridge MDF Model
  • Laser Cut Hearts
  • Dads-Workshop-Ash-Sign
  • MDF-Display-Stand
  • Laser-Engraved-Pencils
  • Acrylic-Wall-Mounted-Lettering
  • Believe Sign
  • Laser-Engraved-Office-Sign-1
  • Laser-Cut-Frames
  • Derren Bown Chris
  • Corner Frag Rack
  • Spiffy-Cat-800
  • UK-Laser-Cut-Map-Large
  • Alton Towers Wickerman Block

    Have an Idea but can’t draw?


    Our tailored Design Services help bring your vision to life, From a simple sketch to a full vector drawing, we work with you to create your vision.

    Send us your artwork or sketch and we'll check to see if its fine for the laser and material required, or if it needs to be redrawn up then we can do that too.

    We keep a large selection of materials in house ready to work with so fast turnarounds are possible. 


    We 'Nest' your project and shapes which makes the most of the material and helps to save money and also reduce waste.

    Our machines are fast, accurate and have amazing attention to detail. Whether its a single one off item of full production run.

    Flat cutting or a 3d build we have the capability and expertise to produce what you need in a very fast timescale.

    An engraving time-lapse on 6mm thick maple veneer, this was made on one of our smaller Trotec Laser Engravers.

    We work with a wide range of materials including:

    • MDF
    • Plywood
    • Natural Woods
    • Veneered MDF
    • Acrylic
    • Styrene ( HIPS )
    • Polypropylene
    • Zotefoam
    • Mylar
    • Paper & Card
    • Fabric
    • Rubber and more..........

    A selection of different types of engraving and cutting below

    Laser Engraved Wooden Signage

    Laser engraving can produce some stunning details on many substrates, this is maple laminated mdf engraved with bespoke details.

    Raised Acrylic Lettering

    Deep laser engraving acrylic can produce a raised lettering effect which is perfect for signage where little fingers are common.

    Acrylic Push Fit Display Stand

    Cutting acrylic on the lasers produces a nice clear edge which is perfect for display stands and signage. Combined with a frosted engraving we can produce some really unique products.

    Oak Sign Laser Engraved

    Laser engraved logo on to an Oak wooden sign.

    2 Colour Core Laminated Display Sign

    Laser engraved 2 colour core laminated display sign.

    Acrylic wall mounted lettering

    Acrylic laser cut lettering can make a bold statement when placed on a feature wall.

    Wickerman Wooden Block

    Engraving on wood is perfect for lasers, We can adjust the speeds and powers to produce different shades of darkness for a nice contrasting colour.

    Polystyrene Easter Flowers

    We can produce all kinds of indoor hanging decorations by cutting a flame retardant polystyrene which is perfect for retail displays. Combined with a little colour these can go along way.

    Laminated Control Panels

    2 colour core laminate control panels, engraved from a wide variety of colours. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use and resistant to many chemicals make these ideal for many applications.

    Nested MDF Leaves

    Laser Cut mdf leaves 'nested' on the machine bed to save space thus saving material and cost.

    3D Slot Together Objects

    To produce a 3 dimensional object we can laser-cut wood which can then be 'slotted' together to produce the overall final 3d form.

    Production Runs of Products

    We are able to accomodate production runs of products from a wide variety of materials to a very high standard.