Formers & Assembly Kit Systems

Using CAD Data we are able to produce many different types of Formers and Assembly Kits Systems.
From simple jigsaw cut layout designs or bolt together blocks, to full assembly kit systems, with interlocking joints or slot together profiles.
We work with you to produce the overall look or system you require.

Ski Press CNC Formers

These Ski Press formers were produced to make 2 solid blocks from 7 full sheets of 18mm mdf. They will each be glued and bolted together with threaded bar to produce the overall final shapes, one male and one female ready to be pressed together and form the overall shape of the Ski's.


Built Up Dollar Sign Formers


We can produce solid shape blocks using many layers of material.

Here is an example we made for a customer using 12 layers of 18mm mdf to produce a solid $ sign for a window display. There are positioning holes in each of the layers for accurate positioning and for support.



More Images coming soon...