CNC Routing Services

Theme X offers CNC Cutting Services for a wide range of industries including : Film – TV – Exhibition – Stage & Theatre – Retail – Wall Decor – Art & Display and more.
Specialising in Bespoke Signage, Scenic Theming, Textured Panels, Props & Figures and all General CNC Cutting Requirements.

Our Industry leading AXYZ CNC Router Machines are capable of creating high quality precision products time and time again with extremely high accuracy. We work with companies of all sizes, no job is too small as we tailor our service around your needs and our pricing is amongst the most competitive you will find. So, If your in need of quality cnc routing then please get in touch and discuss your requirements with us and receive your quote today.



Our in-house team of specialists are able to produce consistent and high-quality work whether its for a one-off bespoke item or full production run, the repeatability will be identical.
With our expert knowledge we are able to reduce waste, eliminate errors, and speed up the time it takes the finished products to get you.
Our machines can drill, cut, pocket and shape wooden panels, foam blocks and Aluminium.
Catering for both 2D shape flat profile cutting and the more complex 3D projects too. Anything can be made with the right materials and tools!
Some of the types of products we make are : Decorative Panels, Signs and Lettering, Templates and Jigs, Interlocking Panels, 2D Shapes, 3D Models, Props & Figures and much more...


CNC Cutting Services

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Theme X offers 2D and 3D CAD services providing everything you need to start your project.
Simply send us a sketch or your own technical drawing and we can turn your idea into reality.
With our extensive manufacturing knowledge, we can provide as much or as little advice as your project requires.

CNC Routing

Industry leading AXYZ 3 axis cnc router, capable of machining sheets up to 2440mm x 1525mm.
With our wealth of experience we can machine very complex parts and sculptures from a large variety of materials.
All our machines are well maintained and accurate.

Product Production

Theme X is able to produce consistent high quality large volume production runs of products.
We can help keep costs low, by ‘nesting’ all your items for cutting as efficiently as possible to reduce material usage and waste.
Saving you time and money.

  • Leaf-Foam-03
  • MDF-Routing-Gravestone
  • Scream-Scroll-Sign
  • Wing_02
  • Wood-Pocket-Routing
  • Starfish-3D-Foam-Prop
  • Toilet-MDF-Sign
  • MDF-Box
  • Pirate-3D-Foam-Door-Sign
  • Shield-Prop
  • MDF-Pie-Crusts
  • Foam-Tube-3D-Prop-800
  • Ski-Press-03
  • 3D-Wine-Bottle
  • Stone Pannel
  • Rocket-Breakdown-02
  • Large mdf Christmas Tree
  • Decorative-Wall-Pannel-01
  • 3D-Foam-Cutting
  • Dollar Sign

    Send us your files

    Whether a simple sketch or full CAD drawing you can email your files to: [email protected]

    Receive a quote

    We calculate a quote for you based on the machining time from your drawing or sketch.

    We machine it

    We program your design and the machine cuts it from the chosen material.

    We deliver it

    We deliver to your location in the UK although collection from us is also available.

    Initial Roughing of a Solid Foam Block

    Finishing Pass for Full 3D Shape in Sliced Sections

    Assembled 3D Sections Glued Up Ready for the Hard Coating Process

    Final Paint Finish & Ready for Display

    We work with a wide range of materials including:

    • MDF
    • Plywood
    • Natural Woods
    • Acrylic
    • Polycarbonate
    • Polystyrene
    • Styrofoam
    • PVC & Foamex
    • Solid Surface
    • Di-Bond
    • Aluminium
    • and more…
    • Leaf-Render-01
    • Leaf-Render-02

      First we make a 3d model of a product and then make a series of  toolpaths in our dedicated software package to send to the cnc router machine.

      From those toolpaths we then load in the correct tools on the machine and go ahead and cut out the shape of the required product from many different substrates.

      Here we are making a a 3d leaf shape out of a dense foam material.

      • Leaf-Foam-01
      • Leaf-Foam-03
      • Leaf-Foam-02

        CNC Cutting Example Types

        Here we have a selection of images and links to other pages to show some of the different types of cnc cutting and engraving we do on a variety of materials with various thicknesses.

        Foam Machining

        We machine and profile lightweight foam for various projects that include : models, props and figures, large text, 3d textured panels and more.

        Decorative Wall Paneling

        We are able to create unique wall paneling from any design or pattern you require.
        From 2 dimensional flat cut outs with grooved and engraved patterns to full 3D shaped panels and textures.

        Formers & Assembly Kit Systems

        Using CAD data we are able to make all kinds of formers from simple jigsaw cut layout designs to full assembly kit systems, with interlocking joints or slot together profiles.