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Rockets to the Rescue

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From 3d model to the finished thing!

We recently designed and made a model Rocket for a display which started out as a 3d model we made in zbrush and then sent to our 3 axis cnc machine to cut out the shapes. 
After slicing up the model each section was then 3d carved on our 3 axis cnc machine and cut out ready to be glued together to produce the overall shape of the Rocket.

Once everything was glued up, we then sanded again and then applied a hard coat to the surface to give it strength, once dry we then sanded again ready for the final paint stage.

A few coats of paint and here we have the finished prop ready for display.




3d model made in zbrush ready to export to the cnc machine.


Rocket Export


First pass on the cnc machine - Roughing.




After the second pass - Finishing.






All glued up and ready for the hard coat.




All finished and ready to hang and display.




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