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Derren Brown Ride Signage

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We made a number of Raised Engraved Acrylic Signs for the new Derren Brown Ride at Thorpe Park.

Running a few engraving passes on the laser, we took away the negative space from around the letters to produce a raised lettering effect similar to cold casting. Merlin Entertainments wanted us to use a hard material such as Acrylic for the internal and external signage to stop people in the queue from 'picking' the letters off and thus damaging it. As the letters are actually part of the sign this cannot happen.

Once cleaned and painted up they looked fantastic, they were then positioned in situ around the queue line and will last many years to come.


Derren Brown 01

Engraved Acrlyic after base coat.

Derren Brown 02




Engraved Acrylic ready for a base coat.


One of the finished signs.


Short video clip of engraving acrylic.



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