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  1. Patties & Ting Sign.

    Looking for a custom sign for their brand new venture, a client approached us and asked if we could create them a main sign for their brand new business in Stafford UK.

    Working from an existing pdf, we scaled up the design and created this sign on our cnc router.

    This was then ready to paint and be customised by the client before install.

    We also supplied the sign with a 4mm mdf jigsaw template for a quick and easy install on site.

    Patties & Ting Signage 

  2. With the UK on lock down we decided to design a new sign today, to add to the workshop. So to help explain a little what we do when we make textured signs, we 3D modelled this 'Themed Sign' which we will be cutting out of sign foam making sure to keep all the little details.

    Polyurethane Signboard is the best material to use for signs as it can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, It's completely waterproof, will not warp, swell, crack or bow making this a lot better than all other materials and will last for years to come.


    3D Themed Signs

  3. Here's a themed wooden sign we made for a boy named SAM.

    We 3D modelled the sign in our modelling program with all the details and then sent this to the CNC machine to cut out. Once we had the raw sign we then scenic painted it to bring it to life.

    The hard-wearing sign foam can be used indoors as well as outdoors and will last for many years to come.

    SAM loved the sign and so did we, It was a pleasure making this one.

     Sam Themed Textured Sign 01